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House Band Sax

Job Description

House Band Sax Players require solid sight-reading and chart-interpretation skills, and are able to deliver music across a variety of styles such as Jazz, Rock, Broadway, Latin, Pop, and Country. Our sax players typically specialize on either alto or tenor, but are solid on both and can transpose from C leadsheets. Sax players double on clarinet and flute, and are offered greater reimbursement on baggage fees.

All of our House Band Musicians are expected to:

  • Perform on their instrument as scheduled by the Music Manager not more than 35 hours in a week, averaged not more than 5 hours per day, with performance schedules of 2-4 sets typical;
  • Dress professionally in "Theater Blacks" , tuxedo / formal attire, with other business casual attire available as-needed;
  • Join into a shared cabin with one other teammate;
  • Attend regular trainings and meetings as part of life onboard;
  • Take part in regular safety exercises and In-Port-Manning duties;
  • Enthusiastically engage with guests and teammates as part of live performances, on- and off-stage; and
  • Rehearse with the group and/or complete personal practice as-needed.

Benefits of performing with Princess Cruises include:

  • Flexible contract scheduling above 14 weeks;
  • Variety of itineraries and locations;
  • Negotiable starting salaries based on qualifications;
  • Eligibility for discounted cruise fares after one year of service;
  • Partial reimbursements on Seafarer's Medical Fitness Certificate costs;
  • Reimbursements on on certain baggage/travel costs;
  • Company-provided travel to and from the assigned vessel (subject to visa and legal considerations, through select major airports);
  • Company-provided accommodations when traveling to the assigned vessel (subject to scheduling needs); and
  • Access to certain guest areas, facilities, and amenities, on an as-available basis (subject to Captain's Standing Orders and any health guidance in effect).