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House Band Guitar

Job Description

House Band Guitarists require solid sight-reading and chart-interpretation skills, and are able to deliver music across a variety of styles such as Jazz, Rock, Broadway, Latin, Pop, and Country. Our guitarists perform primarily on electric, but often bring a mix of solid-body, hollow-body, and/or acoustic guitars to suit their approach. Amp are provided and generally have onboard reverb, but pedalboards are generally required if a guitarist wishes to make use of a broader palette of effects. Ability to perform solo sets (either "Chord Melody"-style or with loops/tracks) is not required, but a valuable asset.

All of our House Band Musicians are expected to:

  • Perform on their instrument as scheduled by the Music Manager not more than 35 hours in a week, averaged not more than 5 hours per day, with performance schedules of 2-4 sets typical;
  • Dress professionally in "Theater Blacks" , tuxedo / formal attire, with other business casual attire available as-needed;
  • Join into a shared cabin with one other teammate;
  • Attend regular trainings and meetings as part of life onboard;
  • Take part in regular safety exercises and In-Port-Manning duties;
  • Enthusiastically engage with guests and teammates as part of live performances, on- and off-stage; and
  • Rehearse with the group and/or complete personal practice as-needed.

Benefits of performing with Princess Cruises include:

  • Flexible contract scheduling above 14 weeks;
  • Variety of itineraries and locations;
  • Negotiable starting salaries based on qualifications;
  • Eligibility for discounted cruise fares after one year of service;
  • Partial reimbursements on Seafarer's Medical Fitness Certificate costs;
  • Reimbursements on on certain baggage/travel costs;
  • Company-provided travel to and from the assigned vessel (subject to visa and legal considerations, through select major airports);
  • Company-provided accommodations when traveling to the assigned vessel (subject to scheduling needs); and
  • Access to certain guest areas, facilities, and amenities, on an as-available basis (subject to Captain's Standing Orders and any health guidance in effect).

We are not currently recruiting for the job.