Production Staff

Audio Technician

Our onboard audio technicians are responsible for delivering a truly dynamic and consistent performance experience for all our guests, as well as managing and maintaining the technical audio systems in each of our many and varied entertainment venues aboard our fleet of modern ships.

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Lighting Technician

Lighting technicians are responsible for the programming, operation, and on-going maintenance of our highly specified lighting, video & stage effect systems in our many and varied entertainment venues onboard. With the latest theatre technology from industry brands such as MA Lighting, Vari-lite, GLP, Martin, ETC, and Green Hippo at your disposal, you will have all the tools you could desire to create stunning light shows and dramatic environments as part of our dynamic and engaging passenger programs.

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Automation Technician

Our Automation Technicians or "Crew Chiefs" are natural, hands-on leaders who are able to motivate a team to excel in every facet of their role, able to build trust and have a highly organized and safety driven mindset.

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Production Manager

Managing a small team as part of our onboard production department and providing technical production and stage management for some of our more intimate venues, our Production Managers are hands-on leaders with a very diverse and broad-range skill set.

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Stage Crew

Working in some of the newest, highest-spec'd theatre and entertainment venues at sea, our stage crew are multi-disciplined individuals who form the backbone of the Production Department onboard our fleet of modern ships.

Operating on stage with our cast of singers, dancers and live musicians on our portfolio of over 35 original Production Shows, working with a wealth of world-class entertainers and facilitating live events across each vessel as part of our dynamic and engaging entertainment program is all in a day's work.

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