Life Onboard

Living Accommodations

Most accommodations onboard are double occupancy cabins with bunk beds for Entertainment staff. Accommodations vary depending on the ship and position. Those in non-management positions generally share a cabin with one other roommate, whereas those in most management and Entertainer (Production Cast Vocalists, Resident Guest Entertainers, Guest Entertainers) positions are entitled to a single cabin. Cabins include a bathroom, storage space, TV, and DVD player. Clean bed linens and towels are provided. Cabins must be kept clean and tidy, and occupants are responsible to report any maintenance defects to shipboard management. As a safety and sanitation concern, food and/or cooking in the cabins are strictly prohibited.

Ship Amenities

Living and working aboard a Princess Cruises vessel provides you with the opportunity to travel all over the world, and to meet crew members and passengers from nearly every corner of the globe! Depending on entitlements, our Entertainment Staff are able to enjoy the various passenger-area amenities onboard each vessel, subject to availability.

Safety Responsibilities

Maintaining a safe environment onboard is every crew member primary responsibility. This requires a complete understanding of all safety requirements, rules and regulations. Crew members and staff must also have a functional level of proficiency in English, and be able to communicate in a clear and effective manner in the event of an emergency. As part of our safety training, all shipboard personnel are required to participate in various safety drills held in compliance with international laws and regulations, to be prepared for any type of emergency. Every member of our entertainment staff must consistently fulfill these requirements, as they are key to keeping our ships a safe place to live and work.

Entertainment Department FAQs

What are the requirements for onboard employment?

While specific position requirements depend on the job you are interested in, there are some essential requirements that all crew must meet to work onboard: - Be 21 years of age or older (Dancers can be 18 or older) - Be able to pass a criminal background check - Hold a valid passport - Have a US C1/D visa (if you are not a Canadian or US citizen/resident) - Have a Princess-specific pre-employment medical exam certificate - Meet the English fluency requirements relevant to your position

Our Audition Process

Auditions are held year round in various locations for the following disciplines: Dancers, Vocalists, Musicians & Bands, Production Staff, Youth Staff, and Cruise Staff. If you can't attend a live audition near your home, we invite you to apply online at any time for current open positions. *Please note auditions may change without notice.

PCL and Third Party Agents

Princess Cruises Entertainment Department recruits and hires onboard staff and Guest Entertainers both directly, through our official 3rd party Global Talent Partners (GTPs, aka "Manning Agents"), who provide recruitment and placement services, and sometimes also through other resources, which source potential candidates for our further consideration (aka Talent/Entertainment Agents). Princess Cruises Entertainment is solely responsible for selecting and hiring crew members and entertainers, setting the terms and conditions of employment, and issuing Seafarer Employment Agreements (SEAs). All onboard staff and entertainers are bound by our Code of Conduct, and the Terms & Conditions of Employment as set out by Princess Cruises.