Cruise Staff

Cruise Staff

Once the lines let loose and the ship sets sail there's a group of talented folks engaging with our guests to keep the energy up to the wee hours of the morning. That group is our cruise staff made up of Assistant Cruise Directors (ACDs) and our entry level position, Junior Assistant Cruise Directors (JACDs). If the Cruise Director is the leader then this group is the pack. They might split to host a variety of activities during the day or come together to throw a killer party at night. Either way, where they go, so goes the action.

While most of our activities are taught through the many contracts you may experience with Princess, there are a few that Princess may provide special training to help you gain that extra bit of knowledge and experience. Zumba is a cornerstone of our experience and Princess proudly provides training for you, free of charge, either on board or in your hometown. In addition, we foot the bill for your membership for the months that you're on board. Ever gaze at the wonderment and beauty of the night sky? Princess proudly offers Stargazing at Sea, a popular event that is run by some of our trained and qualified cruise staff. How does one receive this training? You guessed it, provided by classroom and practical training on board our ships from a real life astronomer. And that's just skimming the surface!

ACDs are officers on board the vessel, reporting to the Cruise Director. As such, they receive their own cabin accommodations, competitive wage within our industry and great team member health benefits.

Oh…and then there's the part about seeing the world and having a ton of fun while you're doing it!

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Cruise Director

Much like the Captain at the wheel guiding our vessels from port to port, the Cruise Director drives the pulse of our entertainment onboard. More than simply informing the ship about events, the Cruise Director experiences the entertainment alongside our guests. They're hosting shows, activities & events inside and outside, morning and night. Each morning they host, and often creatively control, The Wake Show, our shipwide morning TV show. At night you'll see them doing the "Issac" at our Love Boat Disco Deck Party. They also guide the chair-spinning excitement of 'The Voice of the Ocean', ask the hilarious questions in our 'Marriage Match' game show and much, much more.

Cruise Directors at Princess truly are the face and the voice of our entertainment experience. They spend little time in the office checking emails or filling out reports. Rather, they are on the floor with our guests as they make their way through the cruise adventure. Reporting to the onboard Entertainment Director, our Cruise Directors have a small group of direct reports known as the Cruise Staff. Together they not only deliver the entertainment program but also dedicate time each voyage to create new activities to be implemented in a way that keeps our offerings fresh.

With all this in mind a Princess Cruise Director must be bursting with charisma and charm, seasoned with theatrical talent and experienced in the art of stage delivery. In addition they must possess a magnetic sense of humor both "off the cuff" and "on-script."

The Cruise Director is a senior officer position on the ship with a great wage, officer accommodations and a "4 months on, 2 months off" work schedule.

Yes…it's possibly the greatest job on earth!

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Entertainment Director

The Entertainment Director is ultimately responsible for the entire entertainment offering onboard. As the entertainment programmer they work with managers to schedule shows, activities, parties & performances in a manner that benefits both guest enjoyment and revenue. Under the guidance of shore side management they work to ensure brand pillars are delivered with the utmost attention to detail. As an executive officer they work with the Captain and others to ensure entertainment is delivered safely according to the many governing bodies that protect vacations at sea. All of this through a strategic and analytical lens using data from various sources to guide the product.

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