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Featured Solo Guitar Vocalist

Job Description

Interested in becoming one of our House Band Musicians? Think Broadway meets a state of the art recording studio. Our House Band musicians are highly skilled players with world class resumes. All of our house band musicians are excellent sight readers who have theater, concert, studio and stage experience. Think you fit the bill?

We require complete familiarity with many different styles including:

  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Country
  • Latin
  • Broadway
  • Funk
  • Hip-Hop

House Band Instruments:

  • Piano: Our pianists are equally at home backing up a vocalist singing a colla voce passage as they are playing a burning big band chart. They are excellent sight readers who have equal facility across all idioms and styles
  • Bass: Our bassist can rock out with the same intensity as they swing or play pocket. They are expert sight readers who can handle any style with equal expertise
  • Drums: Our drummers are masters of rhythm who can play out or play understated and know when each is appropriate. They know every groove style, drive the band, have extensive click experience and sight read at a professional level
  • Guitar: Our guitar players can swing with the same intention as they rock. They read great, bring both an electric and nylon string and have a full pedal set
  • Trumpet: Our trumpet players have an impressive range, excellent soloing and ensemble sensibilities, understand dynamics and articulation and bring a Flugelhorn as well as all required mutes
  • Sax: Alto,Tenor, Clarinet and strong Flute doubles. Our Sax/Doubles musicians are masters of all 4 required instruments. Tenor, Alto, Flute and Clarinet are all played at an exceptional level. Their soloing on all 4 doubles is at a professional standard and reading and sight transposition is part of their bag of tricks. Note - you MUST bring all both Alto and Tenor to every shipboard assignment, along with Flute and Clarinet - travel cost reimbursements provided.
  • Trombone: Our trombone players drive the bottom end of the horns and have excellent intonation and articulation skills. They are world class readers and great soloist. We are currently auditioning Tenor Trombone only.


  • *Demonstrate a congenial attitude and ability to work well with others in a close environment
  • *Perform in support of main evening shows and various other events around the ship
  • *Perform up to 5 hrs per day, 7 days per week, as scheduled by the Music Manager and Entertainment management
  • *Enthusiastically participate in required activities including, but not limited to, trainings, drills, safety briefings & duties, in-port manning, meetings, and performances
  • *Demonstrate commitment to Princess Cruises Shared Purpose, Core Values and Cruise Experience


All House Band Musician positions require:

  • *Minimum 2-years post-secondary Music Studies a plus
  • *Broadway or Musical Theater experience preferred (ie. "Pit" Orchestra)
  • *Excellent knowledge of contemporary musical styles (Top 40 from 1940's to present)
  • *High level of music sight-reading and transposition skills
  • *High level of music performance skills on specific House Band instrument(s)
  • *Proficiency in improvisation is required in a variety of musical performance styles and settings
  • *High level of appropriate professional stage presence for all performances
  • *Self-directed solo rehearsal skills for improvement as required
  • *Ability to use technology to enhance musical performances a plus
  • *Proficiency in the English Language, additional languages a plus
  • *Ability to go beyond being a "side-man performer" to become an "entertainer" preferred
  • *Ability to stand while performing for extended periods of time required
  • *Ability to move between venues quickly with minimal set-up & sound-check

**Applicants must be 21 years old to work on board

**Demo video submissions should be clean, frontal shot, with minimal editing and decent audio quality, showing required musical styles and qualifications. Live performances showing audience interaction and engagement are preferred where appropriate.

**Princess Cruises provides all flights, transfers, and travel accommodations both to and from the ship