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Automation Technician

Job Description

Our Automation Technicians or "Crew Chiefs" are natural, hands-on leaders who are able to motivate a team to excel in every facet of their role, able to build trust and have a highly organized and safety driven mindset.

Whether it flys out, moves down, tracks on, trucks off, revolves, opens or closes, our state of the art stage automation systems can do it, controlled, maintained and operated by our Crew Chief.

Responsible for the safety of cast, company, entertainers and occasionally even our Guests on our theatre stages, Crew Chiefs must be able to react fast, anticipate problems and to see their resolution while leading our team of Stage Crew to produce high quality, dynamic events and entertainment.

Maintenance of all automated stage systems, scenic elements, props and inventory requires attention to detail and a passion and understanding of theatre and entertainment industries while crew scheduling, team building, development and training all require great interpersonal skills, working closely with the Senior Production Manager to produce a solid goal driven team who can excel in facilitating fantastic, dynamic and cutting-edge entertainment programs.

Applicants must have a minimum of 3 years' industry experience in theatre or touring industries with an excellent understanding of safety and risk assessment procedures, great communication and interpersonal skills with experience with theatre automation consoles highly desirable.