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Job Description

The new "Resident Jazz Trio" will be a unique new element onboard the new Sky Princess as of October, 2019, anchoring the new venue "Take 5", and will come onboard under the direction of the Resident Guest Entertainer (RGE) Jazz Trio Band Leader.

Take 5 will feature our Resident Jazz Trio onstage nightly, delivering professional high-level jazz entertainment across all eras and genres of American jazz music. The trio will also perform themed sets that pay tribute to specific eras of jazz, as well as interpretations of familiar modern or classic pop music in jazz styles, in an exciting and engaging format, making use of provided visual media where appropriate, taking our guests on musical journeys to experience the full history and development of jazz.

The Jazz Trio Band Leader is a Resident Guest Entertainer (RGE) position, reporting directly to the Entertainment Director, and responsible for oversight of the Jazz Trio's performance while onboard, including compliance with company Code of Conduct and meeting expected standards of professional performance.

The Jazz Trio Band Leader should be very comfortable on the mic as emcee, hosting performances and events, as well as able to confidently deliver lectures or TED-Talks on various jazz history topics, using materials supplied.


* Demonstrate a congenial attitude and ability to work well with others in a close environment

* Deliver the highest quality jazz music entertainment product possible

* Lead the Resident Jazz Trio as a strong "front-man", and select repertoire to perform as required

* Work closely with Entertainment Director and Music Manager to provide oversight of all members of the group's day-to-day performances

* Provide daily live musical performances in the Take 5 venue, and/or provide musical support to events onboard as required

* Provide an engaging, intimate jazz lounge atmosphere through interactive high-quality musical performances

* Perform up to 6 hrs per day, 7 days per week, as scheduled by the Music Manager and Entertainment Director

* Organize and deliver 3 to 5 enrichment lectures per cruise, 45-60 min each, focused on jazz history topics supporting themed sets, with some materials supplied

* Assist with set-up, break-down, and oversight of musical equipment in the Take 5 venue as required

* Enthusiastically participate in required activities including, but not limited to, trainings, drills, safety briefings & duties, meetings, and performances

* Demonstrate commitment to Princess Cruises Core Values as the Consummate Host


* Proven ability and experience to perform with and lead a professional jazz group

* Past shipboard, nightclub, hotel, wedding, and corporate event experience is preferred

* Ability to present lectures on jazz history in an engaging way

* Ability to select/develop/rehearse appropriate group repertoire

* Unique additional jazz showcase and theme sets a plus

* Ability to execute group performances at a high level on short notice with minimal rehearsal

* Excellent fluency in performing all required jazz musical styles

* Self-directed solo rehearsal for improvement as required

* Excellent professional "live" stage presence at all times

* Excellent knowledge of jazz musical styles throughout all eras

* Excellent proficiency in jazz improvisation

* Proficient use of technology onstage to enhance musical performances

* Excellent proficiency in the English, additional languages a plus

* Ability to go beyond being a "performer" to become an "entertainer"

* Ability to stand while performing for extended periods of time may be required


* Resume outlining previous musical employment, education and performance experience

* Links to videos of live performances

* Links to videos that demonstrate onstage leadership skills, and ability to play in required musical styles

* Links to videos that demonstrate ability to present engaging talks and/or emcee hosting skills.

* Current Group & Individual Promo Photos / Head Shots, Group Repertoire List & Biographies


**Jazz Trio Band Leader is expected to select all members of their specific ensemble, and are additionally responsible for securing suitable replacements if/as required

**Jazz Trio Band Leader will receive a link to copy / paste and send via email to other members of the trio at the end of the application process

**Jazz Trio Band Leader position will be a Resident Guest Entertainer, while other members of the group will have the rank and status of MUSICIANS onboard

**Applicants must be 21 years old to work on board

**Princess Cruises provides all flights, transfers, and travel accommodations to/from home airport to rehearsals (as/if required), as well as to/from the ship

We are not currently recruiting for the job.