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VSP Attendant (Pest Control Management)

Job Description

 A member of our Amazing Housekeeping Team, the Steward VSP is responsible for the day to day control of the ships Vessel Sanitation Program. A subject matter expert on Pest control and the Pest Management Program on board with the aim of eliminating any insect infestations around the ship. Keeping record of all pest activity treatments and inspections.  This role ensure our ships remain pest free comply with USPH regulations regarding infestations and pests.

Voyage pest Control Monitoring, reporting and record keeping for:

  • Bedbug control inspections, treatment and record keeping
  • Cockroach elimination, treatments and record keeping
  • Fly activity control, breeding source identification, treatment and record keeping
  • Any other insect activity, inspections, elimination, and treatment
  • IPM Chemical inventory control
  • Equipment maintenance and inventory control
  • Air-curtain/door inspections
  • Loading Inspections
  • Rat guard inspection in every port
  • Elevator pit cleaning and treatment
  • Bait station placement, monitoring and tracking
  • Voyage pest control passive surveillance: Insect trap placement, monitoring and record keeping
  • IPM Risk Evaluation document preparation
  • IPM Chemical application
  • Recycling Center inspections, treatments and record keeping
  • Waste System (silos, pulper systems, biodigesters) inspections and treatments for cleanliness
  • and prevention of insect activities
  • Void space and plumbing station inspections and treatments
  • HVAC unit inspections and treatments
  • Daily shift reporting
  • Phone call monitoring log of all insects reported
  • Crew cabin inspections for evidence of insect activities
  • Guest cabin section inspections for prevention of insect activities
  • Open deck inspections and treatments for ant and other insect activities
  • Drydock cabin treatments and restaurant booth/plumbing station BorActin replacements
  • Maintaining valid Pest Control Certification annually

Minimum Requirements

  • Fluency in conversational English,
  • Hospitable, positive attitude, motivated.
  • Well groomed, follows proper hygienic practices.
  • Must be physically strong and able to lift a minimum of 60 lbs to sustain physically challenging work.
  • Must understand potential for career growth.

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