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Entertainment Director

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The Princess entertainment product boasts an impressive collection of talented performers, cutting edge technology and engaging team members all working together to provide a joyful vacation for our guests. In order to ensure this ongoing performance goes on without a hitch each vessel is in need of a leader that is particularly skilled in directing not only our product but also the people delivering it. That person is the Entertainment Director.

The Entertainment Director is ultimately responsible for the entire entertainment offering onboard. As the entertainment programmer they work with managers to schedule shows, activities, parties & performances in a manner that benefits both guest enjoyment and revenue. Under the guidance of shore side management they work to ensure brand pillars are delivered with the utmost attention to detail. As an executive officer they work with the Captain and others to ensure entertainment is delivered safely according to the many governing bodies that protect vacations at sea. All of this through a strategic and analytical lens using data from various sources to guide the product.

Perks? Sure, there's a few! The Entertainment Director is a senior officer onboard the vessel. Their benefits include a competitive salary, executive suite accommodations and more. A management degree is preferred and at least 5 years of managing an entertainment-related product or team is required.

We are not currently recruiting for the job.