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Senior Production Manager

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Senior Production Managers oversee all production show elements including lighting, audio, video, automation/rigging, scenery, pyrotechnics, and show rehearsals. They lead a team of professionals delivering cutting-edge technical production for industry-leading Broadway-style shows, live musicians, and world-class entertainers.

Our Sr. Production Managers oversee state-of-the-art venues equipped with the latest in theatre technology, lavish set-pieces, spectacular costumes, and industry standard lighting, sound, and video tools, to deliver our dynamic and engaging entertainment program to guests onboard our fleet of modern vessels across the globe.

Show-calling and overseeing all production requirements, from lighting and sound to video, pyrotechnics, and stage automation, for our portfolio of over 35 original production shows as well as a wide variety of fly-on guest entertainers are just part of the SPM's role onboard. You will manage a team of up to 16 production staff, technicians, and assistant managers, each with their own professional experience and expertise, with the task of maintaining a consistent and outstanding Entertainment offering.

Our Senior Production Managers also take prime responsibility for the safety of cast, crew, and guests in our many and varied indoor and outdoor venues around each ship. Risk assessments, chemical and inventory management, and scheduling for the entire production department will also be among your daily tasks.

A strong background and a minimum of 3 years' professional experience in theatre or live event industries is essential with formal training or previous experience in professional stage management and musical theatre desired. Applicants should have a good understanding of entertainment technical systems, meticulous organizational skills, great communication, an ability to lead from the front, and a desire to inspire and motivate a diverse and multi-cultural team.