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So you want to be a Cruise Director here at Princess, right?

Firstly congratulations on choosing one of the best jobs at sea, if not the world! Please be aware that we have a huge volume of candidates from every corner of planet earth who believe they have what it takes. Due to this we have adopted a slightly different approach to help us find the unique characters that this position demands.


1. You must have at least 5 years experience hosting events, activities, shows or theatrical performances. This does not mean part of the ensemble, this means the front person, the main event, "everybody look at me", kind of experience. Your stage style must be confident yet charming, charismatic and energetic. Your delivery must be controlled, natural and easy to watch yet engaging, funny and lovable. No easy task, we know.

2. You need to complete a "Dear Princess" video that is specific to this role. All details are listed below.

3. We need to see what you look like in detail so a head shot is key to selling your brand to us. It doesn't need to be taken by a professional but it does need to be a great representation of what you honestly look like. In short, when you look at your photo you must be thinking, Yes! I look great. Feel free to add any other photos that you feel will help sell your brand but these are not mandatory.

4. A strong resume. It's important to back up your video submission with a tight, easy to read, round up of your professional experience but if we can give you some advice, less is more.

Please note that the system will not accept your application unless you have completed all of these requirements.


By far the best way of showcasing your brand to Princess is what you say and how you say it in your "Dear Princess" video. This is your big chance to really show us what you're bringing to the table.

If you already have a professional show reel that's great, please share the link with us on the next page. This is certainly an advantage but you must still submit the "Dear Princess" video.

Here are the requirements for the video submission:

Your "Dear Princess" video must be a personal advert for your brand. Think of it like a video cover letter. We want you to answer the following questions on camera in ONE take. No post process editing or script reading allowed. Feel free to have the questions in front of you but other than that, it's just you and the camera. You should aim to answer each question in 60 seconds or less, filmed in landscape not portrait and please do not sit down, wander around or pace up and down. Let your voice and body language do the talking.

1. Summarise your entire life in 60 seconds. GO!

2. Recount a moment in your life when you laughed so hard it hurt.

3. Explain to us why the world of Entertainment means so much to you and why you want to continue your career in it.

4. Without reading from a script, perform a 60 second welcome speech to 800 imaginary people sat inside the Princess Theater on board the Regal Princess. Make your audience feel excited about the entertainment product here at Princess.

5. Tell us a funny joke. We're serious, a funny joke. Not rude, politically incorrect or vulgar, just plain old funny.

6. What can you tell us about Princess as a brand and MedallionClass as a product?

7. You have a final 60 seconds to make us believe why we should hire you to be the next amazing Cruise Director here at Princess.

Once you have completed your "Dear Princess" video please upload it to one of the recommended video websites listed on the next page. Copy the link to your work and share the URL in the DEMO section, also on the next page.

Please note without a valid link to your "Dear Princess" video your application will not be taken seriously.

Break a leg and don't forget, ONE take!