Online Application

Sequenced Duos

Please read and acknowledge the information below regarding the position and audition process. Minimum age for this position is 21.

Job Description

Our Lounge Duos provide a wide variety of music as well as accompany high profile events, and must bring a high-level commercial entertainment product onboard. Sequenced Lounge Duos must have a large and diverse musical repertoire, supported by professional backing tracks, including American song book standards, various ballroom dancing material (Waltz, Rhumba, Cha-cha, Salsa, etc.), 1940's to present, Adult Contemporary favorites, and theme-related material. Onboard events include: Cocktail parties, ballroom dancing parties, and various theme nights (50's & 60's R'nR, Country Night, That 70's Night, Deck Parties, Sail-Away Parties, etc).

  • *Demonstrate a congenial attitude and ability to work well with others in a close environment
  • *Provide live musical performances and musical support to events onboard as required
  • *Perform up to 5 hrs per day, 7 days per week, as scheduled by the Music Manager and Entertainment management
  • *Enthusiastically participate in required activities including, but not limited to, trainings, drills, safety briefings & duties, in-port manning, meetings, and performances
*Demonstrate commitment to Princess Cruises Shared Purpose, Core Values and Cruise Experience

*Shipboard, nightclub, hotel, wedding, and corporate event experience is preferred
*Excellent fluency in performing all required musical styles
*Ability to execute group performances at a high level on short notice with minimal rehearsal
*Backing track must be of professional quality
  • *Self-directed solo rehearsal for improvement as required
*Excellent professional "live" stage presence at all times
  • *Excellent knowledge of contemporary musical styles (Top 40 from 1950's to present)
  • *Excellent knowledge of ballroom dance musical styles
  • *Proficiency in improvisation is required in a variety of musical performance styles and settings
  • *Ability to use technology to enhance musical performances a plus
  • *Proficiency in the English Language, additional languages a plus
  • *Ability to go beyond being a "performer" to become an "entertainer" preferred
  • *Ability to stand while performing for extended periods of time required
*Ability to move between venues quickly with minimal set-up & sound-check

**Applicants must be 21 years old to work on board

**Demo video submissions should be clean, frontal shot, with minimal editing and decent audio quality, showing required musical styles and qualifications. Live performances showing audience interaction and engagement are preferred where appropriate.

**Princess Cruises provides all flights, transfers, and travel accommodations both to and from the ship